CBD Vape Cartridge Stack - 500mg

CBD Vape Cartridge Stack - 500mg
Price: $120.00

This stack was built for those who prefer to smoke CBD over ingesting it.  The 500mg CBD Vape Cartridge Stack includes 3 potent CBD cartridges as well as our rechargeable Social Pen (510 thread battery)

-Our 500mg Broad Spectrum Cartridges are made with premium broad spectrum CBD available in Mint, Lemon, Orange, and Natural flavors. 

-The Broad Spectrum CBD Cartridges will aid in mind relaxation as well as aiding in stress and anxiety. Due to its strength the 500mg Vape Cartridge Stack is perfect for the entry level smoker. For those looking for a cartridge that is a bit more potent and will hit harder and last longer, our 500mg broad spectrum CBD cartridges are great for you.

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