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CBD Pain Relief Stack XXL

CBD Pain Relief Stack XXL
Price: $200.00

CBD topical pain creams are great to use on areas of your body where you are experiencing acute pain & that you can physically reach. Full Spectrum CBD oils work great in combination with Topical Pain Creams as its Anti-inflammatory properties will go to work on all the tissue that you can not physically reach and apply a topical pain cream to. CBD Gummies are a longer acting application for pain relief.

Extreme Relief Pain Cream - Full Spectrum topical pain creams are effective for isolated pain in a particular area of the body. 

Full Spectrum CBD Oil - Highly dosed full spectrum CBD oils are effective for chronic pain that exists throughout the entire body.

Full Spectrum gummies - a long acting application for those that have extreme pain and want to use more than one application at once, which is completely safe. 

This stack includes an 1000mg XXtreme Relief pain cream, 2000mg Full Spectrum CBD oil, and 600mg Full Spectrum CBD Gummies.

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