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Strawberry CBD Oil: Full Spectrum

Strawberry CBD Oil: Full Spectrum
Price: $30.00 - $115.00

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Our premium Full Spectrum Strawberry CBD Oil is infused with fresh, natural strawberries and includes our premium Oregon grown Full Spectrum CBD. Our unique Full Spectrum CBD blend includes a high percentage of CBD and other potent cannabinoids as well as naturally-occurring terpenes, essential vitamins, essential fatty acids, and proteins which are all crucial in giving your mind & body relief. Our unique Full Spectrum CBD oil has been used by tens of thousands of satisfied customers to treat stress/anxiety, sleep related ailments and to manage pain and inflammation.

*Our CBD is 3rd party lab tested to ensure quality & purity*

Available in FIVE different strengths:

250mg - 8.3mg per serving

500mg - 16.6mg per serving

1000mg - 33.3mg per serving  

1500mg - 50mg per serving

2000mg - 66.6mg per serving



- Full Spectrum CBD

- Food grade/Pharmaceutical grade/Kosher VG

- All Natural Strawberries

- Light Strawberry Flavoring

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