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CBD Relief Gummies

CBD Relief Gummies
Price: $50.00

It is our belief that the pharmacy is the last place one should visit when trying to manage pain. CBD Relief Gummies were created to specifically address pain and inflammation.

Each CBD Relief Gummy is packed with a premium cannabinoid rich full spectrum CBD blend & an increased percentage of CBG to help further alleviate inflammation & increase tissue repair. In addition, this product is formulated with natural glucosamine & branched chain amino acids to ensure optimal recovery time.

Our CBD Relief Gummies are specially formulated to have an extended-release over the course of 6-8 hours due to interaction with the human digestive system. Therefore, these CBD Relief gummies are a great option when you are out and about throughout the day.

CBD Relief Gummies Available In:

Strengths - Mild (625mg/25mg Per Gummy) And Strong (1250mg/50mg Per Gummy)

Flavors - Blueberry & Cherry

*Our Relief Gummies Are 3rd Party Lab Tested To Ensure Safety, Quality & Potency.*


Full Spectrum CBD Blend

Natural Glucosamine


Natural Terpenes


Citric Acid

Flavoring Blend

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