Wholesale CBD for Vitamin & Supplement Stores

Vitamin and supplement stores are known for providing the highest quality products in a wide variety of categories in the health and wellness industry. Many of these stores are missing out on a major category of wellness products containing CBD. At CBD Social, we want to change that.

We offer wholesale CBD to vitamin and supplement stores at an affordable price. Whether your customers are searching for CBD for pain, CBD for stress & anxiety, CBD for energy, or CBD for sleep, we have a curated selection of premium products within these categories.

Our CBD Pain category is built for active individuals and those with chronic pain alike. These CBD creams, oils, and gummies are made with and increased percentage of CBG to help alleviate inflammation and increase tissue repair. Not only are these products designed to help ease pain, but they are also made to speed up recovery time for pesky injuries.

The Relax category features CBD for stress and anxiety. These CBD oils and gummies were created to provide a strong sense of relaxation and mental clarity even on the toughest of days. Our all-natural, anti-anxiety blends will provide your customers with a true sense of peace and comfort.

Our one-of-a-kind CBD Energy category is filled with oils, gummies, and even drinks that provide energy, a calm body, and a focused mind. The combination of all natural ingredients was made to help your customers with long lasting energy, cognition, and overall health.

We created a sleep category for all of those that rely on a good night’s sleep, without the groggy feeling in the morning. Our CBD based sleep oils and sleep gummies have been used by tens of thousands of customers to induce sleep and provide lasting sleep throughout the night.

If your vitamin & supplement store is looking to take your wellness products to the next level, look no further than CBD Social. Give us a call at 843-203-6115 or send us an email at to place your wholesale CBD order now!





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