Wholesale CBD for Hotels

Have you ever checked in to your hotel after a long day and been surprised to see a complimentary gift sitting in the room? These gifts come in a variety of forms such as food, drinks, toiletries, notepads, or keychains. At CBD Social we want to change up the same old hotel amenities and provide something unique, and useful.

Don’t just stop at complimentary gifts either. We have a variety of CBD products that can be sold in the room, at the hotel gift shop, or behind the counter that guests will truly love.

CBD Social offers wholesale CBD for hotels at an unbeatable price. Treat your hotel guests by having CBD for sleep, CBD for stress & anxiety, or CBD for pets available right in your hotel. Imagine the pleasant surprise of your guests upon entering the room to a pair of complimentary CBD waters after a long stressful day.

When traveling, we know how important it is to get a good night’s sleep. We also understand how hard that can be in a different bed and environment. This is where our CBD sleep gummies and oils make a huge difference! By having sleep products available for sale, your hotel will be a step above the competition when it comes to guests getting a great night’s sleep. Happy guests translates to repeat guests.

When it comes to work trips, or even family trips, stress and anxiety levels can be high. Our CBD relax gummies and oils are formulated to provide a strong sense of relaxation and mental clarity even during the most hectic times. Understanding that guests needs can be met simply by having these products available will give your hotel a reputation for going the extra mile.

If your hotel is a pet friendly hotel, we have solutions for that as well! Our CBD pet oils and dog treats are available in a variety of flavors that pets enjoy including Bacon, Beef, Peanut Butter, Apple Cinnamon, or Natural flavoring. Our pet care products were made to help anxious pets during times of discomfort such as traveling or staying in a new place. We also have full spectrum blend pet oils and treats formulated to help pets in pain get back to a feeling of relief.

If your hotel can benefit from wholesale CBD products, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 843-203-6115 or send us an email at to place your wholesale CBD order today!





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