Wholesale CBD for Chiropractors

Pain relief shouldn’t be something that’s hard to come by. Chiropractors know how important pain relief is for their patients and should be prepared with the best products and practices to combat this pain. Now, with the help of CBD Social, chiropractors can provide the high-quality CBD solutions their patients need!

Our best-selling Relief category is filled with pain relieving CBD oils, gummies and topicals to take any chiropractic practice to the next level. Take our XXtreme Recovery Roll-On for example. This CBD roll-on is packed with 1500mg of northwest grown cannabinoid rich full spectrum CBD and an increased percentage of CBG. These increased levels of CBG are designed to penetrate deep into muscle tissue, helping you recover faster. This CBD roll-on will tackle severe acute pain on patients.

Our CBD Relief Oil is formulated to tackle chronic pain. The CBD Relief Oil is a unique CBD based blend for the active lifestyle. This potent athlete focused CBD based blend is packed with up to 7500mg of premium northwest grown cannabinoid rich full spectrum CBD & an increased percentage of CBG to help further alleviate inflammation & increase tissue repair. In addition, this product is formulated with 2000mg of natural glucosamine & 1000mg of BCAA’s to ensure optimal recovery time. 

If you’ve been searching for an opportunity to incorporate CBD into your chiropractic practice, now is a great chance to get started! Give us a call at 843-203-6115 or send us an email at to place your wholesale CBD order today.

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