Understanding CBD Dosing

There tends to be a lot of miscommunication surrounding the dosages of CBD oil. Everyone has seen the bottles that say CBD 1000 or 1000mg of Full Spectrum CBD Oil but what exactly does this mean? Many people see this and assume that they are getting 1000mg of CBD with each serving and understandably so. The education surrounding CBD oil seems to be lacking and over complicated. So let’s simplify things a bit. The number on the front of the bottle reflects the total amount of CBD Oil in the bottle. Take our CBD 500mg for example, this is not to say that you are getting 500mg of CBD per serving. 500mg is the total amount of full spectrum CBD Oil in the bottle. Because each bottle contains 30 servings the per bottle, each serving has 16.67mg of Full Spectrum CBD Oil. Now, diving a little deeper we find that full spectrum CBD Oil contains terpene and other cannabinoids aside from just CBD. Ideally, your full spectrum CBD Oil is made up of 60-70% CBD with the remaining 30-40% being comprised of the other cannabinoids and terpenes.
So how much CBD should you take? Well, that depends on what you are hoping to get from it. All effects are amplified with higher doses and dulled at lower levels. We offer a suite of products ranging from 3.3mg all the way up to 33.3mg per serving. Every individual’s tolerance varies so we recommend starting at a mid-level dose and adjusting as need.
Be cautious of companies that market products as “1000mg Hemp Oil with CBD” or some variation of this. There very well may be 1000mg of hemp seed oil in the product but the actual amount of CBD may only make up a small portion of the cannabinoid profile. Always ask to see a company’s Certificate of Analysis (COA) so you can be certain the product you are purchasing falls within the 60-70% CBD range.
To see a full breakdown of CBD Social’s cannabinoid profile simply scan the QR Code on any of our products or on our website!

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