The Social Fight Podcast

The Social Fight is our attempt at helping those who are struggling with prescription medication addiction. Many have chosen to use our unique CBD based blends as a natural alternative to cut back on their prescription intake. Throughout this process, we have had the opportunity to speak with hundreds of customers who have explained their story with the addiction cycle.

That is why we have created The Social Fight Podcast. This is a weekly podcast that will follow the news, stories, and personal accounts of those who have battled prescription drug addiction. We wanted to open a discussion on this important topic and decided that a podcast is a useful way to speak our minds, and speak with others who have an opinion, or personal experience with prescription medication addiction.

Episode 1 of The Social Fight Podcast is live now and available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts. We look forward to fighting with you!


507 ½ King St Charleston SC, 29403


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