The Benefits of CBD Oil

CBD Oil has a seemingly never ending list of benefits. To many, it may even seem too good to be true. No matter your ailment, it seems that CBD Oil is the answer, and quite frankly this appears to be true. With the federal legalization of CBD and the continual loosening of restrictions surrounding hemp/cannabis scientific studies are finally being done. Testimonials are one thing, but now major institutions are conducting research and the evidence is overwhelming, CBD is as good as advertised.
CBD has been shown to have tremendous effects for those suffering from depression and anxiety. Depression and anxiety are among the most common ailments in our society and are typically treated with pharmaceuticals, which can be addictive and have a host of negative side effects. A study done on people with social anxiety showed those who ingested a 600mg dose of CBD experienced significantly less anxiety, cognitive impairment and discomfort in their speech production when compared with the placebo group. CBD has also shown great promise for those with depression. CBD’s antidepressant effects are linked to the CBD’s ability to act on the brain’s serotonin receptors. Serotonin being a neurotransmitter that regulates mood and social behavior. 
CBD is highly effective in relieving pain and can be used to help manage those suffering from chronic pain. Several studies done with humans have found that a Full Spectrum blend of CBD is effective in treating and relieving pain related to arthritis and other conditions.
CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties are not only effective as a tool for managing pain but may even be beneficial for those suffering from acne. A recent study found that CBD oil prevented the secreting of excessive sebum (an oily secretion) from the sebaceous glands and prevented the activation of “pro-acne” agents.
There have been numerous studies indicating the neuroprotective properties of CBD as well. One of the most studied aspects of CBD has been in its treatment of neurological disorders. Treatment involving CBD has shown a decrease in tremors and patients reported an increased quality of life and sleep. CBD is also showing promise in research as a way to prevent neurodegeneration. Though more research is needed, the properties of CBD are showing to have significant effects in delaying the degenerative processes that can occur with aging.  
The cardiovascular system is also seeing the benefits of CBD consumption especially for those with high blood pressure. High blood pressure is linked to a number of health conditions including stroke and metabolic syndrome. A recent study tested CBD oil against a placebo in healthy men and found that one dose of CBD reduced resting blood pressure when compared to the placebo group. In this same study, individuals introduced to several stressors that would increase blood pressure. Those who had taken the CBD oil showed a far lesser increase in blood pressure. These benefits are likely linked to CBD’s antioxidant and stress reducing properties.
This is just a brief overview of the many benefits of CBD oil. There are a host of other benefits that are beyond the scope of this article but show real promise including antipsychotic effects, substance abuse treatment, anti-tumor effects and diabetes prevention to name a few. Yes, there is more research to be done and it is a young industry but with this many applications it is hard to find a person who would not benefit from taking CBD oil. 

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