Summer CBD Must Haves

Summer is here, and it’s time to get out of the house and enjoy the weather! We’ve got the CBD you need to help provide a summer that is free of stress and discomfort.

CBD Water (Social Water):

We all know how important it is to stay cool and hydrated especially with the hot and humid Charleston weather. At CBD Social, we have created the perfect beverage to not only keep you hydrated but provide you with the relaxing, stress relieving benefits of full spectrum CBD.

CBD Water (Social Water) is one of the only Full Spectrum CBD Water products in the USA. CBD water (Social Water) is a fast acting application of Full Spectrum CBD. Designed to quickly calm nerves/anxiety, reduce inflammation, loosen you up and leave you feeling great!  We have 6 different flavors of Social Water that can be taken any time of the day!  Social Water contains 30mg of full spectrum CBD, zero calories, zero sugar. Just sip, and feel hydrated & relaxed.

Stay cool and hydrated this summer with Social Water.

CBD Vape Cartridges:

CBD Vape cartridges are a great option for fast relief on the go. Whether you are at the family backyard barbecue or heading to your favorite music festival, throw your CBD vape cartridge in your pocket and leave your stress and anxiety at the door.

Our broad spectrum CBD vape cartridges are effective for anyone that experiences situational anxiety and needs immediate relief. We offer 8 different flavors in our broad spectrum CBD vape cartridges. Our “Social Blend” CBD Vape Cartridge is a powerful combination of full spectrum CBD and broad spectrum CBD and by far our most popular cartridge. Smoking this cartridge will leave your body and mind in a positive bliss.

Whatever plans you have this summer, don’t forget your CBD.

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