Social Water: The Hangover Cure
Here at CBD Social we pride ourselves on bringing revolutionary products to the CBD Industry. That is exactly what we have done with our premier product, Social Water. Social Water is the world’s first Full Spectrum CBD Water. So, what are the benefits of CBD water? Social Water is a fast acting application of Full Spectrum CBD. Designed to quickly calm nerves/anxiety, reduce inflammation, loosen you up and leave you feeling great!
CBD Social’s Social Water is also a fantastic way to recover after a long night out on the town. That’s right… our CBD Water has been curing Charleston’s hangovers! Gone are the days of worrying about having a good time with friends and being a functioning human tomorrow. Social Water is here to solve that dilemma! Simply drink one bottle of our 30mg Social Water before bed or the morning after and you can feel great all day.
CBD Social offers a variety of delicious flavors that are sure to quench your thirst and leave you feeling great! Available in Lemon, Berry Punch, Blueberry, Grape and Unflavored, Social Water has something for everyone.

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