Our Game Changing CBD Pain Cream

Here at CBD Social we pride ourselves on continuing to bring life changing products to the CBD industry. That is exactly what we have done with our Extreme Relief 500 mg full spectrum CBD Topical Pain Cream!

Extreme Relief features 500 mg of Full Spectrum CBD that attacks your pain and eliminates it! Our fast-acting formula is binded with menthol and natural aloes that are proven to get into the blood stream quickly and provide you with immediate relief!

Extreme Relief is perfect for people that struggle with any form of acute pain. Did you just have surgery and want to avoid taking those awful opioids that the doctor gave you? Extreme Relief is perfect for you! Are you running a marathon next month and looking for something to assist in your training and recovery? Extreme Relief is perfect for you as well!

Simply apply a small amount of Extreme Relief to any spot on the body that is experiencing pain or tightness and experience relief in seconds!

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