Full Spectrum CBD Oil

What is Full Spectrum CBD?
CBD is derived from the industrial hemp plant.  The term “Full Spectrum CBD” means that a large percentage of the 113 cannabinoids from the industrial hemp plant are present in the blend.  Full Spectrum CBD includes much more than CBD and other various cannabinoids.  It typically includes naturally-occurring terpenes, essential vitamins, essential fatty acids, and proteins.
What does Full Spectrum CBD Oil Do?
Full Spectrum CBD oil is used to treat stress/anxiety, help those struggling with sleep related ailments and to manage pain and inflammation. 
 How to take Full Spectrum CBD Oil?
Full Spectrum CBD oil should be ingested sublingually. Simply take your cbd oil dropper, release the oil under your tongue and hold for 1 minute for maximum absorption and potency.  It is extremely common to feel relaxation immediately after ingestion of Full Spectrum CBD oil.
Here at CBD Social our Full Spectrum CBD oil is made with premium 3rd party lab tested  Oregon grown hemp.  We flavor our Full Spectrum CBD oils with REAL fruits and other natural flavoring.  Our flavors are all-natural and organic. We QR-code 3rd party lab test all of our products to verify potency and to ensure that what is going into your body is natural and clean. 
If you or someone you know suffers from any form of stress/anxiety, sleep ailments or chronic pain/inflammation, our Full Spectrum CBD oil is a great option for you.  We offer five different strength levels and a variety of flavors for any and all of your needs! 
Strengths Available
250mg - 8.3mg per serving
500mg - 16.6mg per serving
1000mg - 33.3mg per serving  
1500mg - 50mg per serving
2000mg - 66.6mg per serving
  Flavors Available
Green Apple
Root Beer

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