Dog Treats for Holiday Stress

If the holidays are putting stress on you, imagine how they are affecting your furry friends. Sometimes our dogs have a hard time traveling with us as they cannot always understand what is going on. A quick plane ride for you could be your dog's worst nightmare. Traveling is not the only holiday stressor for pets either. If your home is the gathering space for a holiday party you may have a large number of new people in your home that your pup has never met before. This can make dogs very anxious and sometimes do not act accordingly. 

This year CBD Social encourages you to give dog treats for holiday stress a try. Our all-natural “Calm Dog” treats are made with a pet-friendly dose of broad-spectrum CBD so your pup can relax during those high-stress times. These treats are available in the flavors pets love like peanut butter and apple cinnamon! We’ve also got you covered when it comes to dosage. Our treats are available in three sizes so that dogs of all sizes can get the right amount of relief, without overdoing it. 

Don’t let the holidays stop your dog from the relief either! These treats are great for year-round use during situations like thunderstorms, fireworks, long car rides, and any other stress-inducing situation for your pet. 

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