Cold Weather Arthritis Relief

Cold weather causing aches and pains are nothing new to many of us. Although cold weather is not typically the cause of these feelings, it can definitely play a role in making the aches and pains worse. Cool temperatures can slow our body's blood circulation, which can cause our joints to feel stiff, muscle spasms, and even heighten our overall pain sensitivity. All of this, just from something outside of our control. 

Luckily, minimizing this pain is something that can be controlled. And CBD Social has been providing relief to those with arthritis since the inception of our business! 

Cold weather arthritis relief is no different. Our CBD relief products are being used to minimize pain and provide relief to satisfied customers every single day. Our premium northwest-grown cannabinoid-rich Full Spectrum CBD is made with an increased percentage of CBG to help alleviate inflammation & increase tissue repair. With the option of creams, roll-ons, gummies, and oils, it’s easy to find the right fit for your lifestyle. And for maximum relief, they can even be combined to help tackle the most painful days and get you back on your feet feeling pain-free.

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