Cheap CBD Pens & Cartridges

High quality CBD cartridges are a great and convenient way to ingest CBD! Easy to use and easy to carry. When inhaled, the CBD cartridge enters your bloodstream for fast acting, quick relief. For anybody who experiences chronic pain, stress & anxiety, seizures or other similar conditions, waiting just isn’t an option. Our high quality, pure CBD cartridges are commonly used in conjunction with our edible CBD gummies and CBD cookies. When CBD is inhaled instead of ingested, it increases the bioavailability. The term “bioavailable” refers to the way in which the CBD is absorbed and distributed by the body. The bioavailability helps to move the CBD throughout your body quickly and takes off the pressure from any aches or pains. 

CBD Social’s affordable CBD cartridges are formulated with both pure Full Spectrum CBD and Broad Spectrum CBD oils. We have 4 variants to choose from:

300mg Broad Spectrum CBD Cartridge

500mg Broad Spectrum CBD Cartridge 

500mg Sleep CBD Cartridge 

1000mg Full & Broad Spectrum CBD Combo (SOCIAL BLEND)

For every strength we offer in our CBD Cartridges, we also carry a variety of natural based flavors! Mint, mango, lemon, blueberry, strawberry, root beer, fruit punch, all-natural… whatever CBD flavor preference you prefer, we’ve got you covered!

Our CBD Cartridges work in conjunction with our Social Pen. The Social Pen is a rechargeable 510 thread battery and our Broad Spectrum CBD cartridges and Full Spectrum CBD cartridges are available in 1 ML.

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