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Here at CBD Social we carry a variety of high quality, affordable CBD products.  We are based in Charleston SC and ship nationwide via Regardless of what you are looking to use CBD for, we have an application that will fit your needs and your budget.  Many of our thousands of customers have commented that we offer high quality, cheap CBD.  We take that as a compliment.
We offer full spectrum CBD oils & products that are great for full body relaxation, as well as pain/inflammation. Our full spectrum CBD products include natural full spectrum CBD oils, full spectrum CBD pain creams, CBD water, CBD Energy drinks, CBD gummies, & full spectrum CBD cartridges that are compatible with our CBD Pen. Again, many of our customers say that we offer high quality, cheap full spectrum cbd products, #compliment.
We also offer affordable broad spectrum CBD products that are effective for stress and anxiety relief that promote relaxation. Our broad spectrum CBD products include broad spectrum CBD oils as well as flavored broad spectrum CBD cartridges for our CBD Pen.  If you are looking for affordable CBD, more specifically affordable broad spectrum CBD products then you have come to the right place.  
In addition, our CBD Isolate based products are extremely effective for sleep. Our CBD sleep products include our CBD Sleep oil which is great for inducing sleep and our CBD Sleep Gummies which are effective at keeping you in a deep, restful sleep throughout the entire night due to the slow digestive nature. 
Lastly, we have high quality, cheap CBD pet products that include CBD dog treats and CBD Pet Oils that are available in bacon & natural flavors. 
If you’re looking for high quality, affordable CBD products, CBD Social is your one stop shop.
CBD Social                      
507 ½ King Street
Charleston SC 29403
P: 843-203-6115

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