CBD Value Packs

Many people use CBD products for a variety of different purposes. Some use CBD for stress & anxiety, others use CBD for pain and inflammation, and CBD is also widely used as a sleep application.
However, the majority of CBD users utilize CBD for multiple purposes. We realize purchasing CBD individually can become a bit costly, therefore we are here to assist you and your wallet with our new CBD Social Value Packs. Everyone loves saving money especially in tough times like these. We have assembled several different CBD Value Packs at multiple price points to assist you and your CBD needs.
Value Packs: 
Full Spectrum CBD Value Packs: We offer 3 full spectrum CBD oils of any flavor and strength level at 20% off what you would normally pay for 1 full spectrum CBD oil tincture.
Sleep Stacks: We have three different sleep stacks that utilize our Isolate CBD Sleep Oil, Isolate CBD Sleep Gummies, and our Full Spectrum CBD Cookies. The Sleep Oil is a fast acting application that can put you to sleep and the Sleep Gummies and CBD Cookies are slow digesting and will keep you in a deep sleep throughout the night. 
Pain Relief Stacks: We have three different pain relief stacks that utilize our Full Spectrum CBD Topical pain creams, Full Spectrum CBD oils, and our Full Spectrum CBD Gummies. Our full spectrum topical pain creams are effective for isolated pain in areas that you can reach. Our full spectrum CBD oils are effective for chronic pain and inflammation in tough to reach areas. Our full spectrum CBD gummies are a long acting application for those with extreme pain and those that want to use more than one application at a time.
Anxiety Stacks: For those who experience any form of anxiety, rest assured, CBD can help. Anxiety can come on quick. If and when it does, many prefer a fast acting application. Our Full Spectrum CBD Social Water is the fastest acting application of CBD there is. For those that need immediate relief, simply drink a bottle and experience the positive effects. Many people want something to treat their anxiety so they do not need to worry about it popping up at inopportune times. Our Broad Spectrum CBD oil is a powerful treatment to aid anxiety relief with a typical half-life of 4-6 hours per serving. 
Smoke Stacks: These stacks were built for those that want to smoke CBD rather than ingesting it. Some people have immediate stress/anxiety and pain/inflammation needs and cannot wait for their CBD to kick in through ingestion. If you are one of these people, then these CBD smoke stacks are for you. When you smoke CBD, you feel the relief within a matter of seconds. We have put together three different smoke stacks with several different strength and cartridge flavor options for all of your CBD related needs.
Pet Stacks: CBD is great for those pets that experience separation anxiety, have trouble adjusting to new environments, and those that are older and have pain in their limbs and joints. Our Full Spectrum CBD Dog Treats are an easy application for your pets. Our Full Spectrum CBD Dog Treats are made with natural peanut butter and pumpkin that provide prolonged anxiety and pain relief. The pet oils are great for dogs or cats and provide immediate stress and anxiety relief.
In conclusion, our value packs will save you money on all your much needed CBD products!

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