CBD Sleep Stacks

If you or somebody that you know suffers from any form of insomnia or sleep related issues, we have made it easy to choose the CBD sleep products to get the aid you need. We have engineered three different CBD Sleep Stacks for different severity levels. In addition, these stacks are 20% off retail price.  Below are our three CBD Sleep Stacks.
CBD Sleep Stack: 1500mg CBD Sleep Oil and a pack of 800mg CBD Sleep Gummies in the flavor of your choice. 
CBD Sleep Stack XL: 3000mg CBD Sleep Oil and a pack of 1500mg CBD Sleep Gummies in the flavor of your choice.
CBD Sleep Stack XXL: 3000mg CBD Sleep Oil, a pack of 1500mg CBD Sleep Gummies in the flavor of your choice, and 12 Pack of Full Spectrum CBD Cookies.
What is the difference between these CBD Sleep products?
There are two different types of sleep related issues that our CBD Sleep products are great for; onset insomnia and maintenance insomnia.
Our CBD Sleep Oil is great for onset insomnia, or trouble initially falling to sleep. Our CBD Sleep Oil is the most powerful application we carry to induce a deep, restful sleep. 30 minutes before you plan on going to bed, place one full dropper under your tongue, hold for a minute, swallow.
Our CBD Sleep Gummies and CBD Cookies are going to be the most effective products we carry for maintenance insomnia, or trouble staying asleep. Do you often find yourself waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to get back into a deep sleep? Simply take 1 gummy or cookie (or both in extreme circumstances) about 45 minutes before heading to bed and you will have an amazing night of rest!

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