CBD Skincare Routine?

Here at CBD Social we offer a variety of CBD products for very specific purposes. One of the growing reasons that our customers are using our CBD products is for skincare and their skincare routines.
There are 113 different cannabinoids in the industrial hemp plant, however, many have pointed to CBG as the most beneficial cannabinoid for skincare. CBG works with the receptors- CB1 and CB2 which are found in the endocannabinoid system in the skin. Once CBG enters the epidermis (skin), it penetrates to the deeper layers where it helps calm inflammation, reduce blemishes, purifies pores, balances sebum (oil) production and assists with cellular turnover.
We offer several different topical CBD products at CBD Social. Our most effective CBD product for your skincare routine is our Rejuvenate CBD Skin Cream. Rejuvenate is formulated with our unique Full Spectrum CBD blend that is rich in CBG. We then use all natural ingredients such as essential oils, organic aloe leaf juice, organic coconut oil, and grape seed oil to make sure our Rejuvenate CBD Skin Cream is the softest thing that you put on your skin. Our Rejuvenate CBD Skin Cream is available in three unique scents, Eucalyptus CBD skin cream, Lavender CBD skin cream & Lemon CBD skin cream.
If you are interested in making a CBD based product part of your skincare routine, try out our Rejuvenate CBD Skin Cream at CBD Social. Available online or at our flagship store At 507 ½ King St. in Charleston SC.

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