CBD Relax Oil

You are not alone. Stress and anxiety are feelings we all feel on a daily basis. Our relax category was built on products that contain a perfect combination of our premium pacific northwest grown CBD, CBV, Ashwagandha, L-Theanine, and other natural stress-relieving terpenes. So, relax with a little bit of help from your friends.

CBD Relax Oil was created to provide a strong sense of relaxation and mental clarity. Each serving of CBD Relax Oil is packed with a premium cannabinoid rich broad spectrum CBD blend for complete tranquility due to an increased CBV %. CBD Relax Oil is full of anti-anxiety ingredients like Ashwagandha & L-Theanine which will help lower anxiety and put your mind at ease.

This combination of all-natural, proven ingredients will provide you with a true sense of peace and comfort as well as promoting general wellness. CBD Relax Oil is available in the flavors (Strawberry, Mango, Mint, Orange & Natural) & the potent strengths of (1000mg, 3000mg, 5000mg & 7500mg). CBD Relax Oil is truly one of a kind.

Let’s Relax Together :)


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