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At CBD Social we offer two different types of CBD Gummies. We offer Full Spectrum CBD Gummies as well as CBD Sleep Gummies. Our CBD Gummies are an effective way to consume CBD products if you prefer a slower digesting compound like an edible.
Our Full Spectrum CBD Gummies contain CBD plus many of the other 112 cannabinoids that are found in the industrial hemp plant. These cannabinoids working together are known to create what is known as the “entourage effect” which is what many report provides a feeling of full body relaxation and also helps relieve pain & inflammation. We offer our Full Spectrum CBD Gummies in four flavors; blueberry full spectrum CBD gummies, cherry full spectrum CBD gummies, orange full spectrum CBD gummies, and lemon lime full spectrum CBD gummies.
Our CBD Sleep Gummies contain pure CBD isolate with a dash of broad spectrum CBD. Many report CBD isolate is an extremely powerful sleep inducer. Our CBD sleep gummies digest slowly, therefore the CBD is being slowly released into your system throughout the night which assists in keeping you asleep. We offer our CBD sleep gummies in two great flavors; strawberry CBD sleep gummies and grape CBD sleep gummies.
If you are looking for an easier way to consume your CBD products, give our CBD Gummies a try!
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