CBD For Yoga

CBD & Yoga are a match made in heaven.  Not only do they complement one another, but they also are known to enhance each other's properties and provide you with relief from stress, pain, anxiety, as well as help with relaxation. This is why many individuals are participating in CBD based yoga classes and taking CBD before and after practicing yoga.
CBD is very beneficial for stress and anxiety relief, as well as pain and inflammation relief. Many people have a difficult time getting their mind cleared and bodies relaxed enough to properly practice yoga. Enter CBD. Problem solved. 
Here at CBD Social, we have several different products that are great to pair with yoga. These products include our Full Spectrum and Broad Spectrum CBD oils, Full Spectrum CBD Water “Social Water”, as well as our wide variety of CBD cartridges. These products will give you fast acting and long lasting relief that will assist daytime stress & anxiety relief.
We also have a wide range of full spectrum topical pain creams that will reduce pain and inflammation that is isolated in a particular spot. Our full spectrum CBD pain creams are bound with menthol and natural aloes that help to cool the areas in pain and deliver Full Spectrum CBD to the muscles and joints. Combining our CBD pain creams 20 minutes before yoga will help you have less pain and inflammation, and assist in increasing flexibility to help you perfect the most difficult yoga poses. 
In conclusion, if you or someone that you know enjoys yoga and is looking to get more out of your yoga practice, CBD is the answer. Our CBD products will help calm your mind and body so you can get the most out of each session.

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