CBD For Pets

As you may know, CBD has several benefits for humans such as stress/anxiety relief, pain relief, and many sleep benefits. Did you know that CBD has several of those same benefits for your furry friends?
As we are beginning to understand CBD’s effects on pets, we are finding that full spectrum CBD helps dogs tremendously with separation anxiety and situational anxiety such as traveling, thunderstorms, or those loud 4th of July fireworks. Due to the anti-inflammatory properties that CBD possesses, it can help your dog with pain and inflammation in the joints. In addition, if your pet is tearing up furniture while you’re gone, or just hiding behind it whenever it storms, CBD is the answer for your pets!
We offer several different pet CBD products! We have CBD Dog Treats that are made with natural peanut butter and pumpkin that are easy to give to your pups and taste GREAT.
We also offer pet CBD oils available in bacon and natural flavors that are effective for both dogs and cats. These are administered by either putting a full dropper over their pet food, or dropping it directly in their mouth.
In conclusion, if your pet is struggling with stress, anxiety, or pain, our one of a kind CBD Dog Treats or Pet CBD Oils are the answer. Pick up a bag of our peanut butter CBD dog treats or Bacon flavored CBD Pet oil today.

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