CBD For Pain

For acute pain, or pain that is in a “reachable” spot on your body such as knees, elbows, lower back, neck, etc. We highly recommend our Full Spectrum CBD Topical Pain Creams.  Our CBD Topical Pain Creams are reported to be extremely effective in not only relieving pain and inflammation, but stopping it completely. Our Full Spectrum CBD Topical Pain creams are binded with natural menthol and aloes. When you first apply our CBD Topical Cream you will instantly notice a relieving, cooling sensation. This is due to the natural menthol. Next, the aloe will aid in delivering the Full Spectrum CBD deep into the affected area for maximum pain relief. We have 3 strengths of Full Spectrum CBD topical pain creams, Relief 250mg, Extreme Relief 500mg, XXtreme Relief 1000mg.

If you have more chronic aches or pains and have a hard time pinpointing one area, our Full Spectrum CBD Oil in high concentration will provide the necessary relief for you. Full Spectrum CBD oil should be ingested sublingually. Simply take your CBD oil dropper, release the oil under your tongue and hold for 1 minute for maximum absorption and potency. It is extremely common to feel relaxation immediately after ingestion of Full Spectrum CBD oil, followed by full body inflammation relief for several. We recommend using our 2000mg full spectrum CBD oil due to its pure strength and potency.

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