CBD For Cats

Full spectrum CBD can be very effective for dogs that suffer from anxiety or chronic pain, but did you know that full spectrum CBD can also be great for cats as well? Our full spectrum CBD Pet Oil is a quick, effective, and natural way to relax your cat and help with any unwanted pain it may be experiencing.
There are many situations that can cause cats to be nervous or anxious: moving to a new home, adjusting to other animals, people in the house, traveling, trips to the vet and groomer.. just to name a few.  Full Spectrum CBD can be an effective and natural solution to minimize anxiety for cats without harmful side effects. Just like humans and dogs, cats have an endocannabinoid system which is receptive to the benefits of CBD.
Here at CBD Social, we have two flavors of Pet CBD oil. We offer a Bacon flavored pet CBD oil as well as an all-natural Pet CBD oil. Simply place one full dropper of Pet CBD over your cat's food and mix it in. We proudly keep our Pet CBD Oil under 3 ingredients to ensure your cat is getting all the benefits that CBD has to offer without any harmful ingredients.
We will be announcing a new line of CBD Pet products for DOGS and CATS very soon….GET READY. New flavors AND products!

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