CBD For Baking

If you appreciate the benefits of CBD and love to bake, this article is for you.  Our Full Spectrum CBD Baking Mix will allow you to add a measured amount of Full Spectrum CBD to all of your favorite baking recipes. Everyone loves a good chocolate chip cookie, cupcake or brownie, but CBD-infused baked goods are a delicious way to enjoy the plethora of benefits that Full Spectrum CBD has to offer while simultaneously enjoying those baked goods.
One of the biggest benefits of infusing Full Spectrum CBD into your baked goods is its long lasting effect due to prolonged digestion. While it generally takes longer to feel the effects of CBD edibles than it does with other methods of delivery such as our CBD Social Water and CBD Vape Cartridges, the effects from CBD edibles are known to last much longer. When ingesting CBD in the form of an edible, CBD is slowly released into your body as it digests. Another benefit to our CBD Baking Mix is that you can precisely measure the serving size of whatever you are baking. You’ll be able to calculate exactly just how much CBD is consumed and how much is necessary to consume to attain the effects you desire. Finally we made our CBD-Infused Baking Mix Easy to cook with.  Our CBD Baking Mix is an emulsified blend of 300mg of our premium Full Spectrum CBD and canola oil. 
If you are looking for something to spice up your baking needs in the kitchen, give our CBD Baking Mix a try!

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