CBD Dog Treats

Our full spectrum CBD Dog Treats are a quick and effective way to get your dog CBD, especially in times of need. Our full spectrum CBD Dog Treats are made with natural peanut butter and pumpkin. Our full spectrum CBD Dog Treats are primarily used by our customers and their dogs for the 3 reasons below.
Separation Anxiety: Some dogs struggle when left alone and exhibit signs of stress such as barking, chewing furniture, cowering, or trembling when their owners are out of the house for an extended time. Trying CBD dog treats will help support a sense of calm in your canine companion.
Discomfort: As dogs get older, you might notice they take a little longer to get down the stairs or stand up from their dog bed. Even younger dogs might experience muscle stiffness after a long, playful day at the dog park. Some pet owners have noticed that CBD Dog Treats help ease their pet’s discomfort and support their freedom of movement.
Loud Noises: Ever noticed your puppy's ears perk up at the tiniest sound? Dogs have super sensitive hearing, and loud events like Fourth of July fireworks, parties, and thunderstorms can cause them to demonstrate some of those stress signals mentioned above.
Whether your dog suffers from separation anxiety or the many forms of discomfort, our full spectrum CBD Dog Treats can provide your dog with serious relief. Our full spectrum CBD Dog Treats are available in 3 different strengths. 150mg/8mg per treat - 300mg/15mg per treat - 600mg/30mg per treat.

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