CBD Cookies

Most of us struggle with late-night cravings for something sweet. We get up and head straight to the kitchen for snacks. While our favorite snacks such as cookies and ice cream do curb our late-night cravings, they provide little to no benefit, other than adding inches to our waists.

Here at CBD Social, we have created a full spectrum CBD-infused chocolate chip cookie that not only tastes great and has low calories, but also provides all the benefits that come with full spectrum CBD. Our full spectrum CBD infused chocolate chip cookies provide the feeling of full-body relaxation and a powerful release of stress.

Our “Social Cookie” has 50 calories & 30mg of full spectrum CBD to relax the body and eliminate stress. Social Cookies are baked fresh daily. Thanks to our full spectrum CBD Social Cookie we can assure you that relaxation never tasted so good.

Our Full Spectrum CBD Social Cookies come in packs of 1, 3, 6, 12, or 24. If you are looking to relax during the day or calm your mind and body at night then Social Cookies are for you!

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